Why Kajabi as the new DSP website platform? dsp news kajabi website marketing photography industry Mar 08, 2022

Kajabi?!?!? What the heck is Kajabi?

While most photographers choose to use WordPress for their website design or, perhaps, one of the many template-driven platforms that are now available (e.g., Zenfolio, SmugMug, etc.), I have chosen to take a different path -- one that fits in...

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Why the "storytelling" emphasis on the new DSP website? book club dsp news marketing photography industry Mar 07, 2022

You may be asking, "Why is David suddenly putting such a big emphasis on "storytelling" on the new DSP website?"

As part of the launch of the new site, I have taken a new approach to my brand in more ways than one. Not only have I deviated from the traditional "portfolio" type of...

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The all-new DSP website has finally arrived! book club dsp news dsp photo projects kajabi website marketing photography instruction Mar 05, 2022

It's about &%$#@&*^$ time.

For many months, I (the "DS" in DSP) have been threatening to launch a new DSP website. Now, after countless interruptions and delays and lots of contemplation and late nights, it's finally here. Well, at least Phase I of the site is ready, anyway, as I...

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