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Is anybody paying attention?


Is your story getting lost in the noise on the internet?

In today's digitized, instant-gratification world filled with endless distractions, though "words" are important, mere words often are no longer enough to capture the attention of your audience.

Whether you are publishing a travel tale, promoting your music, or marketing your business, you have a unique, compelling story to tell.

What better way to tell that story than through captivating imagery?

Music Photography - Asheville Photographer - BB King
Commercial Photography - Ecusta Brewing Company
Portrait Photography - Asheville Photographer
Travel Photography - Galapagos - Ecuador

As your visual storyteller, DSP will guide you to:

  • Highlight your travel tale
  • Accentuate the energy of your music
  • Differentiate your brand
  • Pique the curiosity of your customers 

Eric Z. - Flow North Developers

Asheville, NC

"David is not only an excellent photographer, but he’s also a great teacher. He patiently took me from being a relative novice to capturing award-winning images."

How can DSP help you?


Are you looking for mere photos for your project? Or, would you like to tell a story?

DSP specializes in:

  • Travel & Lifestyle Photography
  • Music Photography
  • Commercial Photography
PHOTOGRAPHY: Collaborate w/ DSP

Photography Instruction

You've invested in the fancy camera.

Now what?

Why not invest in yourself, and make the leap from taking uninspiring snapshots to producing high-quality photographs and pieces of art?

  • Group Workshops & Tours
  • Private Instruction
  • Portfolio Critiques
  • On-line Courses
  • Mentor Programs
  • Gift Certificates

Prints & Products

Are you interested in owning a part of the DSP story?

The new DSP Print Shop is live! DSP fans can NOW purchase affordable prints and photo products from a new "satellite" site that is dedicated to "drop ship" orders. Signed, customized art will also be available. 

Unleash The Power Of Storytelling - Rob Biesenbach

Donald Miller - Author /  Coach

Building A Story Brand

"If we want to connect with customers, we have to stop blasting them with noise."

A small, diverse sample of DSP visual stories of past...

Fine Art Photography
Travel Photography - St Patrick's Cathedral
Fine Art Travel Photography - Eastatoe Falls
Travel Photography - Morocco

How can DSP help you?

PHOTOGRAPHY: Collaborate w/ DSP

Katie H. - Marketing Manager

Salvage Station - Asheville, NC

"David has been the Salvage Station house photographer for several years and is always coming up with new and creative ways for us to maximize our partnership. He is a true professional and never fails to exceed my expectations with his exceptional photography skills, attention to detail, timeliness, reliability, and knowledge. He is fabulous to work with.”

About David Simchock - Your Visual Storyteller 

David Simchock is a full-time professional photographer with over 20 years of experience in the business. His diverse range of images have been featured in prestigious publications from the New York Times to Rolling Stone Magazine, and he has worked on assignments from the vast sands of the Sahara Desert, to the streets of Asheville, to the stages of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Over the years, David has received several awards for his fine art, travel, street, and music photography. He is also one of the featured music photographers in the award-winning film, "A Year in the Pit".

David is the founder and primary photography and writing contributor to his own music photography website, Front Row Focus.

In addition to his creative skills and services, he shares his passion for photography as a course instructor and tour leader, and as a public speaker and writer. He is also the author of several eBooks, many of which are available on this DSP website.

More than just an artist and teacher, David's purpose, also known as his ‚Äúwhy‚ÄĚ, lies in helping his photography clients¬†reveal¬†and elevate their unique stories through his imagery, and to inspire his students to be their own visual storytellers,¬†or to launch a new chapter in their own creative and professional lives.

A native of New Jersey, David has also lived overseas for many years, but now calls "home" the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

David Simchock Photography

DSP has collaborated with and contributed to the following:

Rolling Stone Magazine
The New York Times
Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau
The Biltmore Estate
Backpacker Magazine
Billboard Magazine
Moon Travel Guides
Flashes of Hope
Asheville School
Sierra Nevada Brewing
Farmboy Fine Arts
ZUMA Press Media Group
Steep Canyon Rangers
Vintage Guitar Magazine
Warren Haynes Christmas Jam
New Orleans Jazz Festival
WNC Magazine
Salvage Station - Asheville
Ecusta Brewing Company
National Parks Service
Visit North Carolina
Travnsylvania Vocational Services
HPAC Engineering Magazine
PIsgah Brewing Company

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