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Your Roadmap to Creative Success

"I am as passionate about teaching photography and sharing my knowledge as I am about creating photographs."

David Simchock
(the "DS" in DSP)

What are your photography instruction needs?

After a long hiatus from most of his photography instruction activities, David is not only re-launching many of his popular and valued services of past, but he's raising the bar by introducing a few long-awaited and worth additions to the DSP learning portfolio. 

Be sure to download the free mini eBook from this page, and we'll explore how DSP can assist you with your photography journey. 

Private Instruction

Do you have a burning issue with your creative development that needs special one-on-one attention? David is available for private, customized instruction at his Brevard, NC office, or he can travel to you, or work with you remotely. 

Group Workshops & Tours

COMING IN 2024!!!

After a long hiatus, David is reviving his in-person group events in the Asheville / WNC region (and possibly beyond!). From basic photography, to composition, to computer skills, to specialty topics, his line of popular events are coming back, but with many updates!

Mentor / Coaching Programs

COMING IN 2024!!!

Are you on your creative journey for the long haul, but you need technical guidance, coaching, and accountability? David has two or three multi-week programs in the works (including "music photography", to be launched in 2024.

Online Courses

COMING IN 2024!!!

Do you live somewhere other than the Western North Carolina region, but would still like to learn from David, but at your leisure via online courses? David is in the process of converting his popular workshops into easy-access and affordable video access. 

Image & Portfolio Critiques


Are you getting a lot of attention and "likes" when you post your photos on social media, but you're not sure if you should believe all of the hype? Why not have a seasoned pro take an objective look at your images, your portfolio, and/or your website? 

Gift Certificates

Do you have a friend or family member that is interested in photography, but could use some guidance and inspiration to start or continue their journey? Then, why not give the gift of learning? 

John Ennis - Artist

Yardley, PA

"David's remarkable talent as a photographer is matched by his ability to communicate as a teacher, and his unbridled enthusiasm to share information.‚ÄĚ

"When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear."

Bhuddist Proverb

Are you ready???

Are you struggling with your photographic ambitions, and have hit a roadblock? Is it finally time to get some help?

Or, perhaps you have a specific interest, such as "music photography", and you're looking for a role model to convert your passion into a profession.

Whether you're a newbie hobbyist or a budding pro, DSP is here to help you either get started, or accelerate you down the path to getting paid gigs. 

And, this doesn't have to be a random process. In fact, learning digital photography and all that goes with it can be quite a daunting and overwhelming endeavor. Hence why David wrote his eBook, How To Master Photography - A 9-Step Holistic Roadmap. The full book is available for select clients, but you can download a free "summary" version below. 

You'll also receive details about investing in David's instruction and coaching options, as well as a special FREE bonus (HINT: Another eBook!).

So, if you, the student, is ready, the teacher has now appeared!

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Follow your creative passion with DSP...

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

Benjamin Franklin

You've invested in the fancy camera.

Now what?

Why not invest in yourself?

Too many people believe that buying high-quality gear is going to instantly make them a better photographer.

This is not true, no matter what Nikon, Canon, and Sony want you to believe in their advertisements!

Though good gear can make a difference in the quality of your images and, in some cases, enable you to shoot in challenging conditions (e.g., live music, wildlife, sports, etc), if you do not know how to operate your camera, lenses, and accessories, then no amount of expensive tools will guarantee consistent high-quality images.

Isn't it time you stopped messing around, and actually learned about the ins and outs of photography?

Isn't it time you put a plan together to take you to the next level, and the to the level above that? DSP can help, and it starts with laying out a roadmap to your success. Click below to begin your creative adventure, and to learn more about how David and assist you.

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Freddy Clark - Professional Photographer

"When I found David, I was a newbie at photography. His knowledge and teaching approachsis fantastic. I'm thankful I was able to take some classes and workshops from him. I learned a lot and would recommend photographers of any level spend some time with him. "

A few words from David Simchock...

"I am as passionate about teaching photography and sharing my knowledge as I am about creating photographs."

You'll find this quote by yours truly at the header of this page, and it's no accident that I chose to put it there -- at the top.

I mean it.

I've been a professional photographer for over 20 years, and have been teaching the craft for nearly as long as I've been practicing it. And, I love both sides of my creative career equally, and how each allows me to contribute to the needs of my clients and students.

As a photographer, do I get a buzz from nailing a music or landscape shot, or a special image for a commercial client? Yes! Of course I do!

But, you know what also fills me with gratitude? It's when a student of mine gets that proverbial "lightbulb moment", and learns how to do the same, but with their own vision.

Now, despite what the gear and software manufacturers want you to believe, this digital photography thing doesn't come easy. It takes years to develop and hone skills, and just when you think you've mastered the craft, you realize that there is much more to know.

Given the somewhat complex digital cameras these days ("complex" if you want to use them on a mode other than "auto", and be the true creator of your images), not to mention the depth of fine-tune control in modern software, the art form can be very overwhelming.

This is where someone like me comes in -- to help simplify the learning process -- and make it more enjoyable and gratifying for my students. It's why I wrote my eBook, "How To Master Photograph - A 9-Step Holistic Roadmap". The objective of the book is ease the pain of the learning curve and break things up into manageable chunks, while pulling it all together (hence, the "holistic" reference in the subtitle).

Photography is supposed to be fun -- not frustrating. And, I'm here to help with that. I hope that you join me in your journey!

About David Simchock
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DSP has collaborated with and contributed to the following:

Rolling Stone magazine
The New York Times
Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau
The Biltmore Estate - Asheville, NC
Backpacker Magazine
Billboard Magazine
Moon Travel Guides
Visit NC - North Carolina
Beech Mountain Resort
Sierra Nevada Brewing
Salvage Station - Asheville
Zuma Press Media Group
Warren Haynes Christmas Jam - Asheville
Vintage Guitar - ZZ Top Cover
Steep Canyon Rangers
R2 Rock n Reel Magazine
WNC Magazine
New Orleans Jazz Fest

Why choose DSP for your  photography instruction needs?

  • Accelerated learning curve
  • Commitment to clients
  • Easy and enjoyable to work with
  • Focused, logical approach
  • Material¬†diversity, depth & flexibility
  • Willingness to share knowledge and "secrets" without holding back
  • Attention to detail
  • "Storytelling" approach to¬†creating images
  • Professional reputation, experience & track record as an educator
  • Satisfaction guaranteed¬†
"Visualizing the process -- breaking a big goal down into steps needed to achieve it -- helps engage the strategic thinking you need to plan for and achieve extraordinary results."

Gary Keller - Author (The ONE Thing)

Your creative journey doesn't have to be a lonely one, nor should it be a random process. 

Sometimes, it takes more than catchy melodies and heart-wrenching lyrics to get noticed. 

DSP is here to help, and be at your side, or at least at the other end of a phone or an internet connection.

Download your free mini eBook here to get a feel for how David lays out and simplifies the creative journey. You'll also receive information about how you can work with David. Act now and you'll also get a FREE bonus eBook!

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