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Why the "storytelling" emphasis on the new DSP website?

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You may be asking, "Why is David suddenly putting such a big emphasis on "storytelling" on the new DSP website?"

As part of the launch of the new site, I have taken a new approach to my brand in more ways than one. Not only have I deviated from the traditional "portfolio" type of website that 99.99% of photographers use, but I have put a clear emphasis on "storytelling" in my business services.

After all, every picture story tells a story, don't it? (credit to Rod Stewart for that line)

If you think about it, DSP isn't alone in leaning toward the "story" approach to its branding. These days, we hear more and more about companies offering an "experience" as opposed to a "product". And, isn't that "experience" a story being lived?

That said, it's my objective to help my clients tell their stories, to be their "guide", per se. Of course, I primarily do that through my photographs. But, with my intentional frequent emphasis on "story", in a sense I'm also trying to walk my clients through a different thought process, and ensuring that their photography isn't just seen as a necessary evil or, worse, an afterthought in their marketing. The choice of imagery for a business is an integral part of their marketing message -- their story. I want DSP to literally be part of that conversation when laying out the plot.

This isn't much different for my work with consumers, such as portraiture clients, wanting to tell their story. There's a difference between having a hired photographer simply show up to take pictures, and hiring one to tell a story. The latter takes more thought, and a little more planning, and results in an enhanced feel to the photos. 

What inspired my change of focus?

I attribute much of it to one of my favorite author's, Donald Miller. I'm not sure how I came across his Building a Story Brand - Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen book (2017), but when I was reading it the first time, I got one of those light-bulb moments. It caused me to pause, and to put my entire life as an entrepreneur artist / teacher in a renewed focus. Miller's delivery of the material was a game-changer for me, setting me off on a new trajectory. 

NOTE: He has very recently dropped his latest book, Hero on a Mission - A Path to a Meaningful Life, which also uses "story" as not only a basis for business marketing, but for your life's purpose. Though the book slants more towards personal development than business, I found it to be profoundly insightful. 

I would be remiss not to give mention to another author, Rob Biesenback, who wrote Unleash The Power of Storytelling - Win Hearts, Change Minds, Get Results (2018), which I also used as a source of inspiration for my fresh approach to my soon-to-be 20-year-old business venture. 

As this website is new (March 2022), the impact of this change of tack have yet to be realized, but as I write this in preparation for launching the new DSP website, I'm confident that the embedded message throughout the site, i.e., the "storytelling", will pique the interest of more than a few people. I also believe it's going to bring more enjoyment to what I do, and to the collaboration process with my clients.

The bottom line is that I'm hoping for this new DSP strategy to benefit my clients, and not merely see DSP as "their photographer", but as their "guide" in helping them tell their story, whether that's to their target customers, their staff, or to their family and friends.

What do you think? Do you like the new approach?

Oh! And if you want to read up on "The Story of DSP", visit the "hidden" DSP About page, to be revealed in an upcoming got f-stop? post. 

How can DSP help you to tell your story?

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