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How to Photograph Fireworks with Ease - 15 Essential Steps photography instruction tips and tricks Jun 29, 2022

Are you ready to shoot some fireworks (with your camera) this Fourth of July?

You might be thinking that’s it’s far too difficult, and attempts in past years have only led to blurry, under-exposed and un-inspiring images.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Though there are a...

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How to become a much better photographer in one easy step (instantly) commercial photography music photography photography instruction tips and tricks travel photography Jun 23, 2022

I shoot a lot of music concerts, and I'm often seen roaming the venues in and around Asheville, NC with a couple of Nikon cameras hanging from my sides (two D750 bodies on a Black Rapid harness system, in case you were wondering), sporting my DSP ball cap (worn backwards, of course) and, likely,...

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