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New for 2024 from DSP

What's new for DSP in 2024, you ask?

Well, a lot, that's what!

In the coming weeks, I'll be making a series of announcements about some major (and some minor) developments with the business and the services that I offer. Yes, I'll be blogging about it here on got f-stop?, but if you want to keep abreast of things, best bet is to sign up for the DSP general newsletter here:

DSP Website Home Page

(scroll to the bottom of the Home Page to sign up)

In the meantime, I'm pleased to announce some significant changes to the DSP social media "strategy". To date, my SM posts on Instagram, FB Business, and LinkedIn have been rather random, with an obvious emphasis on my "music" photography adventures. Well, that's about to change!

Though I will continue to post my music photos as I create them, I'm introducing a weekly schedule of "DSP Daily" posts, with a theme for each day of the week. Though I'm bound to miss a day here and there, I will do my best to keep to the following schedule:

Mondays: "Motivation Monday"

Tuesdays: "Travel Tuesday"

Wednesdays: "Wisdom Wednesday"

Thursdays: "Tips & Tricks Thursday"

Fridays: "Free-for-all Friday"

Saturdays: "Social Proof Saturday"

Sundays: "Shout-out Sunday"

What do all of these themes mean? Well, you'll have to tune in to the various DSP social media pages to find out! 

DSP Instagram

DSP Facebook

DSP LinkedIn

Actually, as I launch each "day" over the next few weeks (they will be spread out as to not overwhelm), I will do a blog post to provide more details. Motivation Monday and Travel Tuesday are already underway, so just visit any of the DSP social media sites above and you'll get a taste of what's ahead.

Why am I doing this? 

I guess the short answer is that it's going to be fun! It'll give me more purpose to posting on social media and, of course, there will be a degree of shameless self-promotion (shocking!). But, there will also be opportunity to lob out some photography and computer tips-and-tricks, and to also give props to my favorite clients, fellow photographers, and local businesses.

So, what do you think? Good idea? Trend-setter? Path to DSP fame and fortune? Or, just a waste of time?

Oh! One last thing! If you were wondering which social media "scheduler" I use, I've been utilizing Greatly Social (formerly Lately Social) for quite some time now. I once used Hoot Suite, but found it too complex for my needs, which are rather simplistic.

You can check out Greatly Social HERE.

EDIT: Upon further thought, I have decided to change up the aforementioned schedule, just slightly...

Thursdays: "Throwback Thursday"

Saturdays: "Shout-out Saturday" (moved from Sunday)

Sundays: "Shred Sunday" (NEW!)

"Tips & Tricks" Thursday will now be integrated into "Wisdom Wednesday"

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