Goodbye Asheville! (Hello, Brevard!)

dsp news marketing photography instruction Sep 27, 2022
Brevard Photographer - Post Office

After over 11 years of being an "Asheville photographer", I'm done. Finished. Outta here.

Sort of...

You can now call me a "Brevard photographer", as I have officially moved my business PO Box from Asheville, NC, 34.8 miles southwest to Brevard, NC (where I have been living the past few years).

Yeah,  this "move" may sound insignificant, especially since I will still be providing the same level of service to the Asheville community, but it does come with some notable changes (apart from checking my business mail getting a lot more convenient!).

Basically, now that I've been living in Brevard for a little more than a half-decade, and have been a Brevard-Transylvania Chamber of Commerce member almost since Day 1, I decided it was time to make the business "location" change, and focus a bit more on my backyard (but, again, maintain my presence in the "big city" to the north). The fact that I also have also recently taken up office space in the Straus Park development of Brevard adds to this shift in local emphasis.

It's hard to believe that it was July 2011 that me and my then-partner, Beth, decided to move south from New Jersey, and settle in / near Asheville, North Carolina. Eleven years. Whoa. I know this sounds cliché, but where does time go?

But, as has been the case since launching my photography business in March 2003 (if not my entire life prior to that milestone), things are forever evolving and this is just another chapter in the DSP story. In the coming weeks, I will be reviving my group workshops and photo tours in and around Brevard, while also launching a series of on-line courses and mentor programs that will be available worldwide. Of course, I also have a few other tricks up the DSP sleeve TBA! Never a dull moment here!

If you have come across this blog post independently of visiting the DSP website, please take a few minutes to check out the new site, download a free eBook or (two or five), and send over any thoughts or queries you may have.

Visit the new DSP website here:

Whether I'm still lurking in the photo pits of Asheville music venues, cruising up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway, or providing my three-fold photography services to fellow Brevardians (photography; instruction; prints), I'm here to help businesses, artists / musicians, consumers, and art collectors tell a story.

My new business mailing address is:

David Simchock Photography
PO Box 2144
Brevard, North Carolina 28712

Phone: +1 (828) 216-6457 (unchanged)

Please update your records if you have DSP on file. Thanks!


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