Introducing - DSP Throwback Thursdays!

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DSP Throwback Thursdays on Social Media

Another day, another DSP social media theme...

If you have been paying attention to the DSP social media streams on Instagram, Facebook (business page), and LinkedIn, and you have already read my recent got f-stop? blog post about my 2024 social media plans (click here), then you are aware that starting in 2024 I am establishing a "theme" for each day of the week.

In order to not overwhelm myself by doing too much at once (yes, I have a problem with self-inflicted overwhelm), I am phasing in each "day", and have so far launched Motivation Mondays, Travel Tuesdays, and Wisdom Wednesdays. And, today being Thursdays, it's time for...

DSP Throwback Thursdays!

Truth be told, there's nothing all that innovative about "throwback Thursdays", as they've been a thing for quite some time now on social media. You may have come across the #tbt tags on the likes of Instagram.

Now, that said, I'm going to put my own twist on the long-established theme, and dig things up from the DSP archives that have never seen the light of the internet before (uh oh!). My guess is that I'll end up posting a wide selection of photos from my "sabbatical" travels after leaving my corporate career at the end of 1999 (more on that story HERE). But, who knows? I may throw back even further, and bust out with some photos from my high school and college years (yikes!).

If you're interested in seeing what's on #tbt offer, just tune in to these DSP social media channels:

DSP Instagram

DSP Facebook

DSP LinkedIn

Thanks for your interest, and thanks for following DSP!

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