NEWSFLASH - Front Row Focus is back!

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Front Row Focus - Music Magazine by DSP


After a few years of retirement, I have dusted off an old project that has been sitting idle and off-line since 2018, reviving my once-popular music e-zine, Front Row Focus!

The new FRF has been re-purposed and re-designed to optimize the integration of the site with my main DSP business services.

No longer a mere "e-zine", but still containing gig reviews and previews, FRF 2.0 takes my music photography offerings to another level, further differentiating DSP in the crowded music photography world.

Be sure to check out the FRF website:

To download a copy of the February 2024 press release, scroll down on the DSP Music Photography portal page to where you see the FRF "Newsflash" block. Alternatively, contact me and I'd be happy to send you an MS Word doc that you read and/or copy-and-paste into a story.

It's also worth reading through the FAQs on the Front Row Focus website:

If you have any questions or comments about the new FRF, please drop them below or send me an email.


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