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DSP Front Row Fridays - Crowd Shots

There's been (another) change of plans for the DSP social media weekly schedule...

About a month ago, when I made the initial announcement about my plans to work with daily "themes" for my the DSP social media sites, Fridays were going to be "Free For All Fridays", where I would basically leave things open for any type of visual content. Yeah, a bit lazy, so...

I gave things some more thought, and decided that from this point on, Fridays are anointed as "Front Row Fridays"!

What does that mean?

Well, the name suggests that the posts will be about photos of the "front row" folks at the shows that I shoot, but I'm going to keep things a little looser and widen the theme to "crowd shots" (i.e., they don't necessarily need to be of fans on the rail or in the front row at gigs). 

Truth be told, I often enjoy capturing the crowd at shows as much as I do photographing the performers. In fact, some of my personal favorite "music photography" photos are actually of the crowd! So, why not show them off every week?

You can now tune into the DSP social media pages every Friday to see what I have in store:

DSP Instagram

DSP Facebook

DSP LinkedIn

And, next week I'll have a special "front row" announcement, but you're going to have to wait another few days for that.

HINT: It's something I used to "focus" on.

Thanks for your interest! 


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