Introducing - DSP Shred Saturdays!

dsp news inspiration marketing music photography Feb 16, 2024
DSP Shred Saturdays on Social Media

Bring on the weekend!

For the past five weeks, I've been introducing a new daily theme for the DSP social media streams, and there are only two remaining -- Saturday and Sunday.

Let's cut to the chase...

From this weekend on, every Saturday will be "Shred Saturday".

In other words, on top of any other music photos that I post over the course of the week, you will be guaranteed to find a "shredder" posted every Saturday. Sorry, singers and drummers, but this day will be reserved for the guitar pickers.

And, perhaps a bassist here and there, as I am partial to the guys and gals holding up the low end.

Be sure to check in every Saturday to these social media pages to see a DSP photo of a favorite guitarist:

DSP Instagram

DSP Facebook

DSP LinkedIn

Tune in to the DSP got f-stop? blog next week to see how I'll round out Sunday social media posts!

PS: In case you were wondering who the guy is in the lead photo to this post, that's Shawn Eckels of Andy Frasco & The UN. Not only are Andy and his band one of the most entertaining live acts out there, but Shawn is one of the most creative and shredalicious guitarists that I've seen and photographed.

Below is Bill Kelliher of Mastodon.


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