Introducing - DSP Shout-out Sundays!

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DSP Shout-out Sundays

The final piece to the DSP social media daily theme puzzle has arrived!

Introducing... Shout-out Sundays on the DSP social media channels!

What does that mean?

Every Sunday, I will give a shout-out to someone -- a client, a fellow photographer, a favorite band / artist, a cherished local business, an admired inspirational person or, perhaps, an occasional shameless self-promotion where I post a testimonial by once of my clients or followers.

I have a very long working list of people and organizations to give a blast to, so be sure to tune into the DSP social media channels every Sunday! Who knows? You may find yourself getting a shout-out some day!

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This is the last of seven announcements about the DSP social media daily theme schedule, as I have now covered all seven days of the week. That said, I'll put out a "summary" post next week to provide easy access to new visitors to the DSP world.

Thanks so much for your interest and support! Please be sure to follow DSP on all of my platforms, and to engage with the posts whether it's about you or not!).

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