One year ago today... (Brevard's Blizzard of 2022)

dsp photo projects travel photography Jan 16, 2023
West Main Street - Brevard, NC

They say that time flies when you're having fun.

Well, then I must have had a good ole time in 2022 because I can't believe that it was a year ago today that I went stomping through my neighborhood in over 15" of fresh snow blanketing Downtown Brevard, North Carolina, on a mission to capture a rare winter scene only minutes from my house.

On any given day, my hometown of Brevard (for the past 5+ years) is a quiet and peaceful piece of heaven-on-earth tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains about 45 minutes from the "big" city of Asheville, NC. And, on January 16th, 2022, things got even quieter and more heavenly, albeit, pretty dang cold.

Though Brevard is, indeed, a "mountain town", we don't tend to get extreme cold temperatures or much snowfall (Caveat: It was cold AF this past Christmas holiday). So, when the "Blizzard of 2022" hit last January, the town came to a complete standstill, turning into a wintry scene straight from a Hallmark greeting card. (Insert shameless self-promotion here for any Hallmark executives reading this post who would like to license my photographs.)

As is always the case when I embark on a photo journey, my goal is to come away with at least a single image that I am 100% happy with (i.e. I wouldn't have to explain to someone how I could have improved the image via my own creative talents). On this day in early 2022, I believe I achieved my goal, and I did it twice over with the image at the header of this post (West Main Street), and the one below (Transylvania County Courthouse). I am more than happy with each of these photos, and I hope that my fellow Brevardians also enjoy them

In fact...

In celebration of the anniversary of the big snowstorm, I have created a DSP Print Shop gallery dedicated to Brevard, North Carolina. It includes these two special photos, along with a few other "snow" shots, and a handful more of other images that I've captured over the years (including some for the "minimalist" enthusiasts out there).

You can view the photo gallery here:


DSP Print Shop - Brevard, NC Photo Gallery


For a limited amount of time (one week from the writing of this got f-stop? blog post), you can get 30% off of your order from this gallery by using the coupon code BREVARD30

(The discount code also applies to the Asheville galleries, and to the WNC Towns gallery.)

We still have a couple more months of winter here in Western North Carolina, so we'll have to see whether another storm passes through, and my Nikon (and my hands and feet) are up for the task of finding the next Hallmark moment.


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