Autumn 2022 in the Blue Ridge Mountains

dsp photo projects travel photography Nov 16, 2022
Autumn 2022 Photos from WNC

Autumn has come and gone in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and, this year, it arrived early and departed early. In fact, the much-anticipated annual color-change was so early this year (about two or three weeks earlier than last year) that it caught me off guard, and I missed out on some shooting opportunities in early October.

But, eventually I caught on to Mother Nature's sneak-attack, and rounded up my camera gear (and alarm clock), and headed up-mountain to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a handful of photo shoots, mostly sunrises, but I did make it to Devil's Courthouse for sunset one night (which got clouded over, and I ended up at the Cowee Mountain Overlook for the actual sunset).

Though I don't exactly consider myself to be a "landscape photographer" -- at least not exclusively -- I do enjoy that facet of the photography art form, and I always look forward to immersing myself every autumn in the expansive natural beauty that surrounds Brevard, North Carolina where I live. 

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How lucky am I to be able to experience such beauty, all within an hour or less from my doorstep?

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