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“David is a multi-dimensional photographer whose talent and attention to detail is unparalleled.”  – Dan Walker, President, Eagle BMJ

Why invest in professional photography for your business?

Sheryl Crow - Elmore Magazine FeatureSheryl Crow - Elmore Magazine Feature© Copyright David Simchock In today’s fast-paced world where instant gratification rules supreme, and written “communication” is often condensed to 140 characters or less, the choice of imagery for your publication, website, or company / product marketing materials can make or break whether your message is being “heard”, and whether your product or service is capturing the attention of your prospective customers.  First, you need to be seen and, quite frankly, your choice of photos and of a photographer can be the difference between success and failure in getting your brand "out there".

No matter how slick your choice of words may be, the “hook” often comes down to a single photograph, or group of photographs, and not a catchy headline or tweet.  Given that, shouldn’t compelling, top-quality imagery be at the top of your list of priorities when laying out your editorial or your commercial project?

Of course it should!

Your unique “problems” deserve unique, creative solutions, and that is exactly what I strive to deliver to each and every one of my clients.  I know that your choice of photos is a “differentiator”.  It cannot be compromised. You’re not likely to get that second chance to make a first impression.  And, that is precisely why I am so focused on creating effective visual solutions for my clients through my photography.

My “creative solutions” can be broken down into seven distinct areas:

MUSIC:  Do you need world class images of your band, festival, venue, or recording session? Being an award-winning concert and festival photographer requires more than just high-quality gear and a command of photographic exposure. It requires passion, and the ability to anticipate the perfect moment. And, of course, to take that high-end gear and technical skills to weave the moment into a story line. No stage is too small nor too distant for me and my Nikons. With photo credits featuring the likes of BB KingCold Play, Pearl Jam, Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd), and Jay Z, just to name a few, from venues up and down the East Coast (and New Orleans), I am no stranger to the big stage as well. I am comfortable and confident shooting live music in any environment, and strive to produce music photography that is certain to wow fans. Specific "music" services include:

  • Live music coverage for artists, venues, event producers and promotors, and publications. 
  • Comprehensive load-in to load-out music festival coverage, including performances, crowds/fans, behind-the-scenes documentation, production, staff "in action", etc.
  • Promotional photos for a band's EPK, press releases, tour posters, etc.
  • Album / CD art
  • "In the studio" documentation of the recording process.
  • Photography support and documentation for touring musicians and bands.
  • Imagery for merchandise (e.g., signed prints; posters, etc.)
  • NOTE: Some of my music imagery can be licensed as "stock" from ZUMA Press

Please “listen” to my work in the Music Portfolio section of this website.

NY Times Travel Section - Easter IslandNY Times Travel SectionEaster Island photo © David Simchock TRAVEL: Are you an editor for a travel publication?  I believe that my vast experience living and traveling overseas comes through in the vibrancy and truth of my photographs. People. Places. Things. Nature. I, along with my Nikons, cover the gamut that this wonderful planet has to offer, offering a glimpse into cultures that are seldom seen by many travelers, bringing a sense of place to the viewers of my work. "Travel" services include:

  • Commissioned photojournalistic assignment work anywhere in the world.
  • Commercial assignment work for business locations around the globe.
  • Photo capture / documentation of your product or service in use at any geographic location.
  • Documentation of non-profit organization humanitarian work.
  • Stock imagery for publication, marketing materials, corporate artworks, etc.
  • NOTE: Some of my travel work can be licensed for corporate art via Farm Boy Fine Arts; For editorial usage, Getty Images.

Visit the Travel Portfolio to see a sample of my colorful and insightful travels from around the world.

EVENTS: As a natural extension to my concert and festival work, I am now increasing my "event photography" activity to business and private clients. Perhaps you are launching a new business and need someone on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and after-party? Or, you manage a brewery and you're hosting a special beer-related event, such as Oktoberfest? If you're getting married, and you're interested in a true photojournalistic approach to the event, then we can talk. Whatever the occasion, I got you covered. "Event" photography services may include:

  • Corporate special events (e.g., ribbon-cutting ceremonies; VIP presentations; award ceremonies; training / team-building events, etc.)
  • Trade Show documentation
  • Brewery / Beer events (e.g., Oktoberfest, special ale releases, on-site special events including concerts, parties, etc.)
  • Festivals: Documentation of the "festivals experience" (e.g., music, art, culture, spiritual, etc.)
  • Private parties and small weddings (including "destination weddings).

Please check out my Event Photography Portfolio for a peek at what I can do for you.

Executive PortraitExecutive Portrait© Copyright David Simchock PORTRAITS: When I started out as a professional photographer in 2003, I dabbled quite a bit in portrait photography while living in New Jersey, acquiring the skills needed to work with both natural/available light, and flash and studio lighting. When I moved south, my focus shifted to the Asheville live music scene, and shooting portraits took a back seat, apart from a corporate client or two. Now that I am expanding my music offerings to "promo shoots" for bands, it's a natural extension for me to offer portrait photography to the non-music world.

  • Musicians and bands for promotional use.
  • Private shoots including individuals, couples, children, and families.
  • Corporate staff portraits and group/team photos.
  • Environmental portraits of artists creating their artwork.
  • Headshots

Visit my Portraiture Portfolio here.

EDITORIAL:  Are you an editor for a Western North Carolina lifestyle or news publication?  Best bet is to think of my “local” photojournalism skills as an extension of my “travel photography” skill set.  Though I am still relatively new to Appalachia, it hasn’t taken me long to build up a collection of images from the region, many of which I have already licensed to both the Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Visit NC tourism folks. 

  • General photojournalism / stringer duties in the Asheville / Western NC region.
  • Specific assignment work for newspapers, magazines, trade journals, etc.
  • Editorial assignment work outside of my home region.
  • Stock image licensing of any of my photos for editorial usage.

Check out my North Carolina Portfolio to see examples of my local efforts, ranging from Asheville, to the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains, to the back country of Appalachia.

COMMERCIAL:  Though my creative roots lay in photojournalism, there is no denying the overlap between my editorial and commercial endeavors.  My previous life's background in corporate America and Europe, particularly in the energy sector, has led me to provide my services to a variety of commercial clients, from fellow artists, to solar energy companies, to the catering sector. The most recent additions to my commercial repertoire include architecture / real estate photography, with my lifestyle work being a mainstay for both my commercial and editorial clients.

  • Lifestyle and Food & Drink photos to promote your business or service.
  • Architectural and Real Estate photography to help sell / rent / lease your commercial or residential property.
  • Industrial /location photography (including construction documentation from site ground-breaking to completion).
  • Commercial portraiture (as described above).

Visit the Commercial Portfolio for a closer look at my commercial capabilities.

FINE ART: Are you an interior designer searching for a fresh, eclectic source of 2-D art for your clients? Is your place of business welcoming to your visitors and employees? Does your current wall art bring a sense of calmness and vibrancy to the workplace or to your home? Look no further as I'm sure that I can help with all of your two-dimensional art needs.

  • Professional, unique artworks for your home or office
  • Print mediums include fine art paper, canvas, aluminum, or other custom substrates to suit your needs.
  • Hand-crafted wooden frames finished with all-natural "milk paints" (frames produced by me in my own woodworking shop).
  • Imagery overlaid with inspirational quotes or educational or business motivational slogans.
  • I welcome collaborations with interior decorators / designers, as well as corporate clients requiring large-format works for lobbies, meeting rooms, etc.
  • As noted above, some of my work can be licensed for corporate art via Farm Boy Fine Arts.

Check out my Fine Art Gallery for a look at the diversity and quality of my work, and to order your favorite prints.

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS:  It is sometimes said that “problems” are nothing but “opportunities for solutions”. Your thoughtful selection of a “solution provider” can pay big dividends. Think of me as your ally for success when it comes to the photography and fine art needs of your brand (or home), and rest assured that I will deliver a service and product that is imaginative, insightful and inspiring.


BB King - New Orleans Jazz FestivalBB King - New Orleans Jazz Festival© Copyright David Simchock