David Simchock Photography | Frequently Asked Questions


▶ Do you have a studio? If so, where is it?

Up until December 2013, I operated a "retail" studio / gallery in Asheville's River Arts District, and briefly in 2016 I had some space in downtown Weaverville, NC (just north of Asheville).  To provide more flexibility in my schedule, with the ultimate benefit to my clients, I now operate my business operations exclusively out of my home in Brevard, North Carolina, where I've been living since late 2017. Having said all that, I am represented by various galleries in the Asheville area where you can see and purchase my fine artworks. You'll find these locations listed HERE.  

Ozomatli - LEAF FestivalOzomatli - LEAF Festival© Copyright David Simchock ▶ What are your fees for assignment / commissioned work?

As every project is different, with its own creative and logistic demands, I typically do not have any set fees for my services.  Prior to quoting work, I will discuss your project with you, and help you to develop a specification of what you require.  Once this spec is established, I will furnish a quotation based on 1) A Creative Fee;  2)  Usage Fees; and, 3) Expenses. This process is essential in establishing clear expectations of both parties. It is also the most professional method of contracting this type of work.

▶ My band needs some promo shots taken for our EPK, tour posters, etc. Do you do such work?

Yes! Although most of my "music" shooting in past years has been of live performances at concerts and festivals, I have worked on a couple of significant band promo projects, and I'm actively expanding this service. You can see examples of these projects HERE. You can also have a look at my Portrait work HERE. I have also licensed some of my stock imagery for websites, tour posters, and album covers. Please contact me with your needs and we'll discuss the details.

▶ Your website features a "Beer & Breweries" portfolio gallery. Can you tell me more about that?

Of course! With Asheville commonly proclaimed as "Beer City USA", we have no shortage of brewery and beer-related events in the area. Through my music work, I got introduced to a few of the local breweries, and have done work with clients such as Sierra Nevada Brewing and Highland Brewing Company. I am also the house photographer for all of Pisgah Brewing Company's outdoor concert events. Breweries typically host laid-back, enjoyable events that are a lot of fun to photograph. With the new DSP website, and its specialized Brewery & Beer Events Portfolio, my plan is to target the region's craft beer producers to help them with their visual marketing materials.

▶ Where can I find more portfolios of your work?

The DSP galleries are intentionally kept limited in size (although some may seem rather expansive, particularly the Music galleries). To see more of my work, best bet is to visit my Flickr site.  My Flickr collections can be found HERE. For a concentration of my "music" photography, check out www.FrontRowFocus.com where every gig I shoot is featured in a full-blown gallery.

▶ Are your images available for licensing as “stock” photography?

Yes, the vast majority of them are. There are essentially four options to license my work.  1) Directly through me. 2) Through Getty Images (www.GettyImages.com). 3) Through Fine Boy Fine Arts (www.FarmBoyFineArts.com). 4) Through ZUMA Press (www.ZumaPress.com). Though I distribute some of my work through these agencies, I maintain a large portion of my library for my own licensing efforts.

▶ Do you shoot weddings? There doesn't seem a be a huge emphasis on your website.

No, and yes. In the past, I actively pursued this type of work, but I have since concentrated on my Travel, Music, Editorial and Commercial endeavors.  If you admire my candid, photojournalistic style, and are interested in discussing wedding or portrait work with me, please contact me to discuss the details of your event (and I'll also send you a link to a Wedding Portfolio). I am particularly interested in shooting "Destination Weddings" where I can accentuate my photojournalistic style of event shooting with images of the locale.

David & AmigosDavid & Amigos Peruanos (Yungay, Peru)© Copyright David Simchock ▶ You have quite an intriguing background. Are you available for speaking engagements?

Absolutely! I have conducted entertaining and informative presentations for a variety of organizations, from Rotary Clubs to Camera Clubs to private and public schools. I have also juried art shows, and provided a photo critique service for entire photography clubs. If you are interested in having me speak with your organization, or get involved with your club on another level, please contact me to discuss the details.

▶ It appears that you've done a lot of traveling. Where is your favorite place in the world?

Yes, I have done quite a bit of world traveling, particularly in the years leading up to the launch of my vocation as a professional photographer. I lived in England for a few years as part of my corporate management / engineering career, and also wandered around the likes of SE Asia and Latin America for a while after leaving the gig -- a break that inspired a profound step-change in my life with the launch of my professional photography endeavors in early 2003. I've since managed to integrate my wanderlust in with my vocation, and have been on assignment and conducted photography workshops and photo tours in places such as Costa Rica, Morocco, Ecuador, Italy, and New Orleans (for the annual, world-famous Jazz Fest). As for my "favorite" place in the world, that is a very difficult question, but I have a special place in my heart for New Zealand. I've spent about nine months of my life there over four visits. Ironically, I don't have many quality photos to show for it as that was in the "pre-photography" phase of my life. Perhaps I'll have to return some time soon, Nikon in hand! I'm also very fond of Nepal, as well as anywhere in the Andes Mountains of South America.

▶ What kind of gear do you use?

Apart from my very early days shooting a Fuji S2 DSLR, I have been a Nikon shooter for my entire career.  I love my Nikon D750 and D800 bodies, and complement of Nikkor lenses.  I also have an array of portable lighting options, including Nikon speedlights and portable Elinchrom studio lights.  All of my work is now shot digitally with high-resolution Nikon RAW files, processed through Adobe software products (Lightroom and Photoshop).

▶ What ever happened to Vagabond Vistas Photography?

During my days in New Jersey, Vagabond Vistas (my original photography venture which was founded in early 2003) became known for its photography instruction (now called Vagabond Vistas Photo Tours).  So, my creative services (shooting and artwork) were spun off into David Simchock Photography (DSP).  Today, Vagabond Vistas remains its own entity, though I have had the operation (and website) on "hold" for a couple of years until I re-establish a new business plan and website. Expect a re-launch in 2018, with local events in the Asheville area commencing in the spring, and major photo tours being offered in 2019 and beyond (e.g., Faroe Islands / Copenhagen, Galapagos Islands, England, Morocco, and various North American destinations).

Ducklings - Can Tho Market, VietnamVietnam© Copyright David J. Simchock ▶ How can I purchase fine art prints of your work?

For the past few years, in addition to galleries and art shows, I have offered my fine art photography on a dedicated website called David Simchock Fine Art (DSFA). With the launch of the new DSP site in early 2018, I have re-integrated my art endeavors into the DSP brand, and will be building up the art options over time. Typically, my work is sold as matted fine art prints, framed fine art prints, canvas gallery wraps, and prints on aluminum. I also hand-craft my own picture frames which are works of art in themselves. You can order prints from this website HERE.

▶ You have an interesting "duckling" photo from Vietnam. Was the white duckling “Photoshopped”?

Absolutely not! What you see in this photo was exactly what was seen when I clicked my Nikon's shutter when walking past a basket of ducklings in Vietnamese market.  There was no setting up of the shot, and there was certainly no Photoshopping done.  In fact, the image was captured with film, and I still have the original negative to prove that it's legit!

▶ You're a busy guy! What do you do with your free time?

Ha! Free time? What's that? Yes, my "work" keeps me very, very busy, and I can honestly say that there is never a dull moment. I do what I love, and love what I do! If you can't tell, I'm an avid music fan and insatiable vagabond, so it's no accident that I have made a huge effort to integrate live music events and world travel into my photography and teaching businesses. Apart from that, I love to fish (currently learning to tie my own trout flies), play soccer, read, garden, dabble in other visual art forms, hack around with my banjo and electric bass guitar, and hang out with my dog, Takoda (pictured below). He's awesome.    

TakodaTakoda© Copyright David Simchock