David Simchock Photography | Artist Statement


Artist Statement – David Simchock

Every adventure has its mystery.

Every culture, its soul.

Every community, its spirit.

The sights. The sounds. The aromas. The vibes.

The people.


Over the course of the journey, they collectively culminate to define the mood of the experience.

It is this mood that I aspire to capture with my photography, whether I am wandering through the market of a distant mountain village, or making my way from stage to stage of a local music festival.

I endeavor to translate this emotion into an intriguing and inviting storyline – one that provides inspiration for my audience to step into the scene, to dream, and to leave their comfort zone behind.

My art is an extension of my insatiable wanderlust and love of all things music. Through my work, I am sharing my passion on a creative and, ultimately, an experiential level.

Venice, ItalyVenice, Italy© Copyright David Simchock